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01 12, 2023

ALK66-A fiber optic Cleaver

ALK66-A Optical Fiber Cleaver,China Fusion Splicer Fiber CleaverProduct FeaturesApplicable fiber:/single barefiber diameter quartz fiber cutting/ 125umfiber coa...

01 12, 2023

ALK88-A fiber optic fusion splicer machine

Fusion Splicer ALK-88A (portable) Fiber Optic Equipment is a Mini type Fusion splicing machine and have our own intellectual property right of fiber adjustment ...

01 12, 2023

Fiber-optic communication

Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. The light forms...

01 12, 2023

What Are The Advantages Of Fiber Optic Cable And How To Install?

mainly in the following areas:(1) The band is wide.(2) good electromagnetic insulation performance. Fiber Optic Cable is transmitted in the beam, because the be...

01 12, 2023

Direct pumping silicon laser available for more powerful fiber optic network

According to researchers at Brown University in the United States recently said they have developed the first directly pumped silicon laser that is said to help...

01 12, 2023

Researchers have developed non-glass optoelectronic components: the unit of fiber optic data connect

Micro-image of the chip. Top left: Functional modulator with live contact; right: Test modulator without electrical contact; bottom: Test cell. Source: ETH Zuri...

01 12, 2023

New research from Stanford: Fiber-optic cables can be used to monitor earthquakes

Although current seismometers can pick up mild tremor accurately, their distance is relatively short. However, research by Stanford University now shows that a ...

01 12, 2023

FiberHome announced four new one fiber optic technology

Optical fiber technology has entered every household, allowing people to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the tide of information society. Some experts beli...

01 12, 2023

Researchers have developed fiber-optic sensing with greater resolution over the span

In order to repair the aging infrastructure and monitor existing bridges, dams and other large buildings, distributed optical fiber sensors require a new type o...

01 12, 2023

Dalian University of Technology successfully developed highly sensitive fiber optic strain sensor

Recently, Huang Hui, a professor from Dalian University of Technology, has developed a high-sensitivity optical fiber strain sensor with adjustable temperature ...

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