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Fiber Cable Joint Closures
The Closure accommodates the splicing and branching of the cable which is used in aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or direct buried. The Closure is an openable box which is made from high-quality PC. The closure and the foundation plate are sealed with Silicon Gum Material which fixes tightly by hoop. And the sealing of cables also uses Silicon Gum Material.

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1; Environmental temperature: -40 ~ +65 2; The atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa 3; Tensile strength: >1000N. Pressure: 2000N. Impact: 16N.m 4; Vibration frequency: 106(amplitude: 3mm, frequency:10 Hz) 5; Sealant performance: 60Kpa pressure in box, the temperature: -40 ~ +65C, No leakage after 10 cycles. 6; Insulation resistance: 2x 104M, Voltage resistance strength: 15KV(DC), 1min not breakdown and no fly arc. 7; Service life: 20 years.


1; Aerial installation, pipeline installation,or undergrounded installation 2; Direct joint and branch-off joint to protect the fiber connectors
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