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Breakout Trunk Cable
Fibercan Optical takes advanced equipments and professional team to produce fiber optic cable. It can provdie most of the indoor cable and part of outdoor cable;

Model No.:



Different structure option


1; Each simplex cable contains strength aramid yarn, high strength, good bending performance, no gel, easy to be spliced and operated on. 2; Each simplex with buffer design, independent strength number and sheath to prevent damage from environment and mechanical stress. 3; Jacket’s color varies according to the types of optical fibers(indoor use), black color is recommended for outdoor use, options for other colors available upon request. 4; Fiber count is 2-48 cores, other numbers available upon request. 5; Options available for PVC, LSZH, or PE outer jacket, which is ultra-violet radiation resistant, water-proof, mildew-proof, environmental stress endurable and with no acidic gas released to corrode switch room equipment.


1; Indoor level and vertical cabling, ceiling cabling, surface cabling etc. 2; Standard fiber core for direct splicing to connector and connecting to equipment. 3; Can be used for the pigtail and patch cord


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