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Φ90 Outer Sheath Outdoor Cable Production Line
Fibercan Optical take export class team to make high quality wire & cable equipments; The equipments mostly used for fiber optic indoor cable and outdoor cable, network cable, etc; Production efficiency is high, operation is convenient, different configuration option;

Model No.:



Configuration option


1; Automatic diameter feedback, wire diameter curve records traceable inquiries; 2; Vacuum pumping system is adjustable, and can be linked to the linear speed; 3; Active pay off, the tension is precisely constant with little additional loss; 4; Adopts OMRON temperature control meter, high accurate temperature control; 5; Doule bobbin automatic take-up, moving type take-up, stable and reliable operation; 6; Adopts the world famous automatic industrial computer control technology; 7; The device can be linked MES, ERP system, On-line tracking production management; 8; All facilities take high quality components, stability and reliability is high;


1;Center loose tube 1--24F outdoor fiber optic cable; 2;Stranded 6--144F outdoor fiber optic cable; 3;6-144F Single or double sheath outdoor fibre optic cable; 4;Figure 8 outdoor ADSS fiber optic cable, 6--144F

Φ90 Outer Sheath Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable Production Line Configuration Draft:


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