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Fibercan Optical Attend ECOC 2017
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FIBERCAN exhibit at ECOC show in Gothenburg Sweden in 2017;

FIBERCAN exhibit at ECOC show in Gothenburg Sweden;


The ECOC Exhibition is the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe, held each September in a different European city, 

the event is the key meeting place for decision makers from across the fiber optic communications technology industry.


Each year Fibercan will come up with our latest products and share with our clients, this year we debut our own developed and 

self-designed interferometer which soon became the spotlight at the show, the feature of this product is high performance, low costs 

and manually focus.


Thank you for visiting our booth this year and we hope you have find everything that you need at our booth. Join us for more next year 

at same show and see you around!

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